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520 Spring Street
Jamestown, NY 14701
phone: (716) 664-5203


Security Measures

First Covenant Preschool has provided security measures to protect your child while he/she is in preschool.


Employee screening procedures, which include our teachers, aides, and substitutes, are in place. Background checks on prospective employees are done through the New York State Child Abuse Clearinghouse. A fingerprint background check through the FBI database is done as well. While we welcome volunteers, they cannot be alone with children unless they have been screened.


Our preschool wing is equipped with door crash bars, locking devices and fire windows. This may cause some inconvenience if you are late in arriving or early in picking up your child, but we feel it is our responsibility to keep your child safe from strangers, potentially hostile relatives, and from the confusion of crowded hallways before classes have ended.


Parents are asked to provide the names of those people who have permission to pick up their children. We do ask to see photo ID when necessary. Children will be released only to people on their pick-up sheets unless we receive permission from the parent(s).


We do have an emergency evacuation plan in place should we ever need to evacuate our building.