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520 Spring Street
Jamestown, NY 14701
phone: (716) 664-5203

parent opinion


"... As a mother of a child who had problems interacting with big groups of people I was very pleased with First Covenant Preschool.


I especially appreciated the staff's understanding of each child's differences and different needs. My son received personal attention by all of his teachers. He was encouraged, but not forced, to play and interact with other children.


The staff at First Covenant Preschool is extremely nice and friendly. They truly care for all children.


I believe that this positive experience helped my son with an easier transition into Kindergarten... "

Mom of Michal and Nika




"... I wanted to share with you how grateful I am that Jackson was able to attend three years and Olivia two years at First Covenant Preschool. I knew at the time how blessed I was to have my children in such a wonderful place with such caring staff and I know now how hard it is to find someone that can fill your shoes. Never a day went by when my children were with you that I had one single concern, and I always felt that my children were as important to you as they are to me.


Anyway, I want to tell you all how AWESOME you are, that I cherish everyday my children were with you. I will continue to look for the qualities (in a preschool) that you taught me and will not settle for less... "


Stephanie Braymiller
(family relocated to Arizona)

"Words cannot express my whole-hearted appreciation for First Covenant Preschool. I have complete trust in the staff and their ability to have a positive influence on my children. Most importantly, First Covenant Preschool has provided my children with a Christian program in a loving and safe environment."